Guide to Reporting a Concern or Complaint

The following information was developed to assist in determining where to report a particular type of concern or complaint. This information is provided to assist UNT System, UNT, and UNT Dallas employees in directing any question, concern, or complaint they may have pertaining to any type of alleged inappropriate act, conduct, or compliance with federal or state laws or UNT System or campus policies.


The first step should always be to resolve the question, concern, or complaint using the supervisory chain-of-command. If the issue involves someone in the supervisory chain, employees should report the matter to the next higher supervisor, manager, or unit head, however, when in doubt you may always contact any of the units listed in this guidance, Internal Audit, Human Resources, Office of Equal Opportunity, UNT System or campus Police, Institutional Compliance, and possibly the Office of the Ombuds, if UNT related.


If the unit contacted is not the appropriate point-of-contact for the particular issue being raised, that unit will refer the issue to the appropriate UNT System or campus unit for resolution. We sincerely hope that this guidance is truly beneficial in identifying the appropriate unit to report your question, concern, or complaint to.


Employee's Guide to Reporting a Concern or Complaint

--Your UNT System Compliance Team