Employee Reporting Rights and Protection from Retaliation

All UNT System and campus employees have the obligation to report suspected compliance failures to the appropriate administrative authorities. They also have the right to report suspected compliance failures to the appropriate state or federal regulatory agency that monitors compliance with the particular regulatory requirement. University administrative authorities include an Auditor, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, Human Resources Generalist, Legal Counsel, a UNT System or UNT Compliance Officer, Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Heads, Directors, or other management.

Employees who report or cause to be reported compliance failures in good faith shall be protected from retaliation. Additionally, employees assisting in any investigation by authorized or responsible parties of known or suspected violations of laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures, or improper activities shall be protected from retaliation. Anyone who retaliates against an employee who reports a compliance failure in good faith or assists in an investigation shall be subject to disciplinary action including dismissal.