Institutional Compliance Coordinating Committee (Only applies to UNT)

Institutional Compliance, as part of its responsibility to provide on-going assurance of compliance with applicable regulatory requirements has identified the need to reestablish a Compliance Committee with campus-wide representation to assist in addressing UNT risks, as needed. This Committee also assists Institutional Compliance in appropriately addressing campus-wide compliance concerns, issues, and challenges, to include the timely satisfying of any immediate regulatory requirements.

An important benefit for establishing this Committee is it provides an effective mechanism towards tracking progress in meeting any new regulatory requirements. It is extremely valuable to have a standing Committee with the campus-wide representation to address any short suspense mandates.

The UNT Institutional Compliance Coordinating Committee performs the following functions:

  • Assists in promoting awareness of the Institutional Compliance Program within their respective unit and campus-wide as applicable.
  • Assist in addressing campus-wide compliance concerns, including satisfying any immediate regulatory requirements.
  • Each Committee member will ensure their units identify and document the applicable regulatory information the units they're representing are supposed to be in compliance with.
  • Review and assist in ensuring that all reports received by the Committee are resolved in a timely manner.
  • Assist Institutional Compliance with providing on-going assurance regarding compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures.